RediscoveredCITIZENSHIP: Key to Meaningful and Enduring Social Contributions and Interventions

Today, I really caught between two opinions, whether to do this piece or not. I suddenly began to feel that maybe I bother my readers with too much of my ideology week in week out…Again, I thought to myself that I have always received commendation and encouragement for the thoughts I share on the platforms God has magnanimously given me. Though, I have received useful and priceless suggestions and constructive criticism, I am yet to be told I constitute a nuisance to the precious people, whose space I post my thoughts.

To put this feeling to rest however, I have decided to bring it to the public domain for a Public Declaratory Order(PDO)…I desire your sincere response to this self-instigated PDO: Do I have your permission, great people to continue to post to your space, my thoughts on Legal Enlightenment and Social Development, which covers Childhood Preservation and Protection Culture, The LAWPRENEURSHIP Academy, ProjectSEA, Public Interest Career Development Initiative? I earnestly await your sincere responses.

On Friday, February 26, 2016, I will take the stand again at The LEAD Haven & Research Crib to lead discussion at our LEAD Talk event. The focus of discussion is the RediscoveredCITIZENSHIP. We believe that the key to any meaningful social intervention is the discovery of your true identity as a citizen in a Third World Country in the historical definition of a State and its purpose of existence.

Almost all of my adult life has prepared me as an authority you may not want to ignore on this matter. I have been around the Organized Social Work Sector from my teen years, learning under the Gamaliels of the sector one-on-one…I picked up the gauntlet to lead a Social Intervention in the area of Legal Enlightenment and Social Development(LEAD) 19 years ago and we have measurable results to show for it, validated by local and international ‘POWER CENTERS,’ to use the words of @olakunlesoriyan. Lives have been transformed in their thousands through our works and our influence keeps expanding within and outside the sectors.

If you desire to challenge the STATUE QUO and you want to do it with abundance of results, we can help in no small way. At the RediscovredCITIZENSHIP LEAD Talk, we will help you to discover and accept as an undeniable truth that the first STATUS QUO you must challenge and subdue is your personal worldview of social engagements in the Third World. Once you are able to Challenge and subdue your own STATUS QUO, you are on your path to enviable and unprecedented results in all of your social concerns.

For who is this program? It is for the leaders and workforce of NGOs, CBOs, FBOs, Social Enterprises, Government Agencies and their Functionaries functionaries at all levels, social workers, Students Union Leaders and other youth leaders etc.

To register, kindly follow the instructions on our handbill or reach us through the details below.

Next week, I will be sharing with you verbatim the experience of those who attended the last edition from very reputable organizations.

Do have an INSPIRED week.

I am Taiwo AKINLAMI and I am Sober on my knees on this LORD’S Day
C) 2016 by Taiwo AKINLAMI..All Rights Reserved
T: 2348033620843, 08056979605 W: B: T: @taiwoakinlami E:

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