1. I, The Preacher, whose infirmities are always before me and Him, before Who all things are naked and defenseless, Who says to me, as I rest in His everlasting arms, ‘My strength is made manifest in your weakness.’

2. I, The Preacher, I am today burdened, having committed the most part of my adult life to the cause of pleading the cause of the African CHILD, which is the cause of TODAY and the cause of the FUTURE and above all the cause of GOD.

3. My heart is full of matters, which come to me by virtue of my sojourn with the precious children of African, and those who care for them.

3. My burden today concerns the vision of my heart and it is a vision, which bothers me to my marrow.

4. My burden today is about the woes of a continent, who sacrifices her future by neglecting her TODAY, her GLORY and her precious CHILDREN.

5. I, The Preacher, I am burdened today by the Winner-Takes-All system entrenched in our society, the rich takes all and the poor are left with nothing, not even crumbs. The rich man in the story of Lazarus was kinder than our society today, yet he was sentenced to eternal damnation.

6. The number one threat to the protection of our precious children and the family saddled with the responsibility to protect them today is abject poverty into which they are born in their majority. When the existence of primary and secondary caregivers are already abused, how then shall they not by necessity produce after their kind?

7. Majority of our caregivers live under the siege of abject poverty with no access to basic needs like food, healthcare, education and shelter. Public or social services do not exist to serve the people, yet by the so-called So-called Social Contract, exiting between the state and the people, the welfare and the security of the people shall be the primary aim of government.

8. In Africa, a Third World continent, respect for dignity of human person seems not to be our priority. We call many people in Africa, the less-privileged or under privileged.

9. I, The Preacher declares to you today that there are no such people in our Third World Continent known as the less-privileged or under privileged. For how shall a man, woman or child, whose inalienable rights have been outrightly denied be referred to as the less-privileged or under privileged? It only those whose basic needs have been met and who rights are respected that you may say are denied of privileges.

10. So who do we have? We have the denied; the abused, the neglected, ‘the wretched of the earth’, in the words of Franz Fanon. These ones are out of ignorance or guilt of the upper crust of society called the less-privileged or under privileged, when they throw their periodic festival of TOKENISM, supplying their basic needs, without any plan to teach them how to fish or at least how to demand for their rightful share of communal fish.

11. By the deliberate design of the system, the precious children of the lower crust of will serve the precious children of the upper crust of society, noting that the fault is not of the precious children, but of the system that pitch them against one another.

12. And unknown to us all the precious children of the lower crust constitute a sure and lethal threat to all of the society.

13. I, The Preacher today invite you to share this burden with me, not by leading a festival of TOKENISM as many do but by getting the message to all of our areas of influence that it is time to strengthen the Families of Africa by either closing or obliterating the gap between the rich and poor.

14. I, The Preacher shall shed more light on the solutions on the days to come. I remain Sober on my KNEES today. Do have an INSPIRED week.
(C) 2016 by Taiwo ‘ODINAKACHUWU’ AKINLAMI…All Rights Reserved
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