1. I, The Preacher has used this life for close to 5 decades and I have divided my life into 3 seasons.

2. My first season was between age 0-18, when I was born into the hands of mother and father, who meant so well for me, but because they lacked KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS and ATTITUDE to preserve my CHILDHOOD for functional ADULTHOOD, I was subjected to untold abuses in their hands and those in whose hands they gave me to for care.

3. The handlers of my first season produced after their own kind. They interpreted my CHILDHOOD after the order of their own CHILDHOOD, which never existed anyway.

4. My second season began as I attained age 18. I was 18 and became an adult by the chronological arrangement of numbers, validated by the law of the land, but in maturity, which is the mark of real ADULTHOOD, I was yet a babe.

5. I was thrusted to FACE a world I was not PREPARED for and which was not PREPARED for my UNPREPAREDNESS and will neither have mercy on same but armed to crucify me for my inevitable malfunctioning.

6. In my second season, I was an Internally Displaced Person, the furniture of my inner being, carefully and perfectly arranged by my Creator, after the order of His IMAGE and LIKENESS, having been rearranged by my handlers and left in a state of utter DISORDER.

7. My second season is characterized by DELAYED CHILDHOOD, having suffered from THE RAIN-BEATEN CHICKEN MENTALITY, which manifest in being dirty, vulnerable, sickly, needy, and subject to self victimization.

8. But glory be to God, the Father of our LORD Jesus CHRIST, who apprehended me at the age of 27 and set me on a journey of recovery, marking the beginning of my third and present season.

9. As the LORD helps me in the last 19 years I have helped other, me being the number one GUINEA PIG in the laboratory of my message of ABUSED CHILDHOOD, TRANSFORMED ADULTHOOD.

10. In this season, I neither seek nor preach PERFECTION; God forbid, how shall we, who are not PERFECT preach PERFECTION, heaping on the head of our hearers loads that we are not able to carry ourselves?

11. What then do I preach?,I preach healing, which means building capacity under God and embracing His DIVINE VALUE SYSTEM to combat and bring to helpless neutrality the ILLS of TRUNCATED CHILDHOOD and convert same to personal STRENGTH and STORIES of PERSONAL VICTORIES to give REAL HOPE to a needy world.

12. In this season, this one thing I do, pressing forward in the glorious destiny, He assigned for me before the world began, I tell my STORY of CHANGE, which is WORK in PROGRESS, I bring our the SENSES, which are the LIFE PRINCIPLES I have learnt and are working for me in all areas of my life and I share STONES, which are instructions to my hearers.

13. I do not preach cunningly devised fables, aimed at hoodwinking my hearers to embrace a transformation that I have not tasted, for I have been with the LORD in the trenches, that I may not labour in another man’s field of assignment, but speak of things I have SEEN DIRECTLY from Him, many of which I am not permitted to share yet, things that I have TOUCHED and things that I have handled.

14. In this third season, I am called The Preacher of the Glorious Gospel According to Child RIGHTS /PROTECTION and Family STRENGTHENING, using the three seasons of my life as the formative case studies.

15. On the days of our LORD, Wednesday 28 and Thursday 29, in this month of September 2016, I shall again for two days, with the UNSTOPPABLE FORCE of PERSONAL HISTORY and VICTORIES, the mark of our UNIQUENESS and ORIGINALITY and years of field experience and professional engagements locally and internationally, preach the Glorious Gospel to leaders of institutions of learning. In the 2 days, I shall be asking and answering the question, So You Want to Run a Safe School?

16. As I remain Sober on my KNEES today, I charge you all to help spread the word, that more souls may be won to the Glorious Gospel. Do have an INSPIRED week

(C) 2016 by Taiwo ‘ODINAKACHUWU’ AKINLAMI…All Rights Reserved
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