I, The Preacher was set to proceed on my four-day Third Missionary Journey to the State of Akwa-Ibom, the Capital City of Uyo, in the Region of South-South of our great land of Nigeria, to be hosted by a focused, passionate and visionary educationist, Rev. Mrs. Kike DAVID of School Affairs Consult and her dearly beloved, humble and supportive, husband, Rev. David, when the thoughts of my heart was filled with the word, ‘REBELS’.’

As I, The Preacher landed in Uyo, the word, ‘REBELS’ has metamorphosed into ‘REBELS WITH A CAUSE.’

Throughout my stay in Uyo, though, I spoke thousands of words, breathing safe and sound in the depth of my heart is the strange phrase, ‘REBELS WITH A CAUSE.’

I, The Preacher today gives expression to the pregnancy of my heart to talk of ‘REBELS WITH A CAUSE.’

By REBELS, I do not mean those who present and project their prejudices as cause, holding our world to unnecessary ransom…

I think of those who engage the STATUS QUO and keeps her on her toes for the BEST INTEREST OF HUMANITY as DIVINELY DESIGNED…

I think of those who employ PEACE, STRATEGIC and SUPERIOR THINKING to bring the SYSTEM to HONOUR the DIGNITY of HUMAN PERSON…

I think of children, men and women, who say NO to LIMITATIONS in ARTS, SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY, SOCIAL SECTOR, COMMERCE and FAITH and have now created LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES for a BETTER WORLD than they met it…

I think of those large hearted children, men and women, who pioneered NATIONS, INDUSTRIES, SOCIAL INTERVENTIONS, IDEOLOGY, INVENTIONS when mortals dare not attempt…

I think of those who are the SOCIAL CONSCIENCE of HUMANITY, whose every fiber of their beings is ETERNALLY SOLD to a NOBLE but UNPOPULAR CAUSE, till DEATH do them part, preparing to render ACCURATE ACCOUNTS to their EXPECTANT MAKER…

I think of children, men and woman, who have transcended the many INFIRMITIES of MORTALITY…GREAT SOULS, whose CREED of EXISTENCE is summed up in these sober words, ‘THE WORLD IS A MARKETPLACE, SACRIFICES ARE ITS REWARDS…’

In this SAINTHOOD of GREATNESS, who ‘MARCH INTO HELL FOR A HEAVENLY CAUSE,’ I, The Preacher seek all the days of my LIFE to be named…So HELP ME GOD…

NOTICE: I, The Preacher shall make my Third Missionary Journey to the highly esteemed The Father’s House Church, Akute, Ogun State( on Sunday, October 16, 2016 under the able leadership of the distinguished Rev. (Dr.) & Rev. (Mrs.) Richard & Rita UDOH, preaching the Glorious Gospel According to Child RIGHTS/PROTECTION and Family STRENGTHENING in the two Sunday Services: 8:15AM & 10:00am…I cordially invite you to join us if you are in the area or you are eager to hear the Glorious Gospel on the LORD’S Day.

Do have an INSPIRED week.

The Preacher Sober on his Knees on the LORD’S Day.
C) 2016 by Taiwo ‘ODINAKACHUWU’ AKINLAMI…All Rights Reserved
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