Are you called to the Nigerian BAR? Are you between 3-5 years at the BAR?
Are you interested in Child Rights and Responsibilities, Care and Protection, Childhood Preservation and Family  Strengthening?
Do you enjoy and engage in Legal and General Research and policy formulation?

Do you have a flair for drafting, writing, editing and proofreading?

Are you interested in interfacing with customers/clients to convince them through strong physical and telephone advocacy to subscribe to Social Empowerment programs?

Are you interested in exploring new areas of professional engagements, which may not be regarded today as CORE LAW PRACTICE but holds the HUGE promise to be where the FUTURE is?

Are you interested in playing the roles of RESEARCHER/PROGRAM OFFICER and know what they entail?

Are you between 25 and 28? (Real and not employment or official age)
Do you live within Ikeja and Ketu axis of Lagos State?
Are you computer literate and internet savvy?
Do you have impeccable dress and grooming sense?
If you answer to all of the foregoing is COLLECTIVE YES, then there is an opportunity of an immediate employment for you at a Legal Enlightenment and Social Development Social Enterprise(Taiwo AKINLAMI Academy), located in the Ikeja axis of Lagos State.
You are invited to send a detailed Application of Intention (AoI), which states in specific and unequivocally terms how you fit well into the description enumerated above and your CV by email to on or before July 08, 2017. Kindly help us spread this information within your network.

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  1. This is impressive sir. Exactly what i have been looking for. I have however forwarded my application of intention and cv as required and i am yet to get any response. i look forward to a favourable response.

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