Today I give you my hymen,
It is all yours to break.
It is the celebration of our love,
Red love,
Blood love,
Let us stain your bed or mine with the blood from mine;
For this love cannot wait,
For if it must be called love, it must be hot,
Love is best engaged when it is hot,
For soon it may get cold and cake.
This is love in the fourth Industrial Revolution,
It waits for no one,
This love is fast,
This love is furious.

Are you quiet my loved one?
I have brought my hymen on platter,
It is a platter of gold,
No price to pay,
No persuasion to invent or invest,
Now, I believe all that you once told me:
Broke hymen is the insignia of love,
The Fourth Industrial Revolution love.
This is from me to you,
Asking you to make me a woman as you have always promised,
Do it this very day that love hovers in the air.
Make it memorable for me my loved one,
Please don’t let me go same way I came.

It is over?!
Just like that?!
Where is the woman in me?
I mean the woman I wanted you to make me?
Where is our love and it’s hotness?
Why has everything gone so cold, very cold?
And you too why are you now cold, my loved one?
Is this the memorable moments I seek?
Of guilt, shame, emptiness and withdraws and their syndromes?
My loved one, where are you, your promises of heaven on earth?
Did you not tell me, loved one:
‘your hymen, once broken for me, opens you up to my heart and the heavens therein?
Where is heaven?
Where is hell?
Where is earth?
Where is your heart?

My soul is in tears
My bed is drenched,
This is same bed where the blood of my dignity was shed and surrendered to the popular foolishness of the times.

It is not over,
I will not be quiet,
My story, I will tell like a redeemed parrot,
That today’s young ones may learn,
Even in the Fourth Industrial Revolution,
There is still dignity in sanity,
There is honour in purity;
Marriage is still honourable when the bed is not defiled before the ‘yes-I-do’ date.

Happy Valentine’s Day

The Preacher
(C) Taiwo AKINLAMI 2019

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