Few years ago my darling wife had a car crash on Third Mainland Bridge. Her car, in which she had two children from her school summersaulted. Good Samaritans rushed to the scene of the near fatal accident and they wanted to turn the car back to its normal position before bringing out the occupants. My dear wife, who is trained in paramedics, shouted with all of her strength from inside the summersaulted car, pleading with these good spirited Nigerians not to turn the car. She knew the consequences. Turning the car with the occupants there may now make a near fatal accident now become fatal.

Now, think with me:

1. For people to see an accident on Third Mainland Bridge and stopped to help, they are obviously kind and good spirited Nigerian.

2. Does their kindheartedness and good spiritedness confer on them the knowledge and skill of what to do and in which order?

3. If my dear wife did not know better, would their good intentions have saved the day?

4. Would the fact that they meant well change the dynamics for the best interest of the traumatized occupants of the car, if they had done the wrong thing?

That is the point… STANDARDS answer all things when it comes to CARE…It is CARE by all STANDARDS NECESSARY.

When we lack knowledge, skill and attitude in matters of STANDARS, our good intentions, kindheartedness, good spiritedness and commitment in Securing A Friendly and PROTECTIVE Environment™ for the precious African child may further put them in serious danger. We would have meant well but lack of understanding of STANDARDS would have neutralised all of our best intentions.

On Saturday, February 23 at Chrisland School, Ladipo Oluwole, off Adeniyi Jones, our S.A.F.E™ School of STANDARDS will hold, addressing STANDARDS and DOMESTICATION/CONTEXTUALISATION of same…

It is FRESH and NEW…It is BEYOND IMAGINATION, the contents you shall be exposed to.

You cannot afford to miss it if you are free on that day and you represent the BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD as both primary and secondary caregivers.

It is a free event but registration is required to enable us plan for your attendance…Registration details are on the attached handbill and help spread the word.

Do have an INSPIRED day

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