I had gone to speak at an RCCG parish at Alagbado, Lagos. After the service a young lady broke all barriers and protocols to land in the Pastor’s office and knelt before me as she introduced herself.

She introduced herself as an alumnus of Heights Drug and Cult Free Club at Victory College, Ikeja, Lagos State. She again shared the principles she learnt as a member of the club, RESILIENCE, PERSONAL DISCIPLINE, VISIONING, SENSE OF MISSION. She further told me the testimonies of other alumni of the club, who are today family men and women, doing great in different sectors of human endeavour.

During our S.A.F.E™ Masterclass last year, one of the participants, who has today become a friend and a sister told me she was a member of Heights Club at Victory College, Ikeja. Today married with three children, Elizabeth Azubuike Umoette @lizadrellah_koncepts presents a radio show and making a difference in advocating for the rights of the precious African children. She shared with me the unforgettable impact of the club in her life till today.

Last week I had gone with my darling wife and fellow Preacher to eat out at GRA, Ikeja. I ran into Grace, married with children, her first child being 16. She is also an alumni of Heights Drug and Cult Free Club. As we spoke and introduced Grace to my wife, I remember her as an active member of the club.

We founded Height Drug and Cult Free Club in 1997 as our response to preventing the participation of our precious young people in the vices of drug/substance abuse and cultism. Though these vices were not prevalent in secondary schools, we felt the need to start our Social Empowerment Advocacy from there, believing that prevention is always better than cure… Enlightenment is Superior to Enforcement™

In our very small state and status, we developed a comprehensive curriculum, assembled trainers, liaised with leaders, teachers and parents in three schools, namely Aladura Comprehensive High School, Anthony Village, Anthony Village High School and Victory College, Ikeja.

We organised weekly induction training during long vacation and the club members met weekly under the watch of the designated teachers by the schools. We served light refreshment during the long vacation training and in some instances provided transportation fare for those who requested and gave all the club members printed copies of our training manual.

Channels TV covered one of our events under the club and gave it some good publicity.

The platforms have changed from time to time but the MISSION, MESSAGE and COMMITMENT have only increased. We promoted the inculcation of POSITIVE VALUE SYSTEM as the age-long and effective antidote to any vice our precious young people may be exposed to. Therefore, it was our strategy not to focus on the vices but on the precious young people and their attitude.

It is gives me great joy to see that the good that men do geminate in their lifetime. It also gives me great confidence that if these past efforts have worked, with clear evidence of lives transformed, this one, #SAFE4MEMovement and it’s medium #SAFEVille will work better in affecting more lives positively.

Permit to celebrate @olakunlesoriyan whose involvement changed the game and brought priceless value to the operations of the club. Stephen Olumide Omojuyigbe friend, brother and fellow labourer, who worked with us tirelessly and sacrificially in fulfilling the mandate of the club. Biola Lediju-Efuwape was an unusual friend, sister and believer in the cause, who committed her time and resources to the activities of the club. Kinzo Odumosu, a committed brother and friend and force with who we planned and executed all the activities of the club. PK, Biola, Akin, Olumide and myself were also trainers, PK and myself, having developed the training manual with input from Akin, Biola and Olumide.

Thank you for reading and do have an INSPIRED week.


The Preacher

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