My dear TWEENAGERS and TEENAGERS, I am Taiwo AKINLAMI, The Preacher and I write you from S.A.F.E™VILLE.

Call it S.A.F.E™CITY, S.A.F.E™HAVEN or even S.A.F.E™SPACE, you will still be correct.

I run things here with the support of other faithful inhabitants and we run things for your very best interest, particularly as it relates to your PERSONAL SAFETY and SELF-PROTECTION.

We write to you directly today and through your STANDARDS BEARERS, who we enjoin to share this with you.

I am sure you are doing great in every area of life.

My association with you did not start with the founding of the S.A.F.E™VILLE, I now live as The Preacher.

Apart from the fact that I was once like you in age and understand the issues you face daily, though the times today are different from while I was growing up, I actually began to work with you since 1997.

My only goal has been to share all of myself with you, hoping that in the process, you can learn from the wisdom and foolishness of my story.

I have learnt from you through our relationships and I have spent time learning of you through the careful study of the works of authors and interacting with mentors, who understand you perfectly.

I have shared in your deepest joy and celebrations. I have attended many of your graduation ceremonies, birthday parties and even book and album launch.

I have spoken at your camp meetings, religious gathering, schools and your campuses.

I have laughed with you in celebration and wept with you in compassion. I have laughed at you and you at me too. I have frowned at you. I have had sharp disagreement with you and you with me.

I have shared your anxieties and fears. You have shared with me deep secrets; you did not share with anyone before you met me. You have been part of my moments of honour as I have been part of yours.

My thoughts have been accepted by you in many cases. In some cases you have disagreed with my positions and I have never fall into the constant temptation of insisting on my position.

I know that you are a reasoning being and with a reasoning being, nothing is imparted through force but reasoning. Therefore, I have kept reasoning with you, knowing that life and its many lessons do also teach you. I also know that any authority, which communicates force, is very weak and temporal.

I am aware that the goal of authority must be to teach values and keep your inspiration alive to accept the values.

Therefore, I am patient with you because what I want is your submission and not to subdue you. Submission to who or what, you may want to ask? No, it is not what you think. I do not mean in any way, submission to me. I mean submission the Godly wisdom behind the value informing my position. I know when you are able to submit to value, without prodding, my work with you is done. It means you have become a man or woman of your own.

In all, we have shared mutual respect. I have not looked down or underrated your pivotal role in the homes, schools, community, the nation and the world at large. To think or act otherwise will be to deny God’s investment of wisdom in you to participate in matters, which concern you.

I make bold to say that I feel you. Yes I do.

I therefore understand your issues. Yes I do.

That is why I have led others to move to this place called S.A.F.E™VILLE, build for your very purpose. Today our interactions with you is through our comic, S.A.F.E™VILLE, named after our place.

I hope you have seen the comic. The report I get is that you really love it.

Permit me to conclude my conversation with you tomorrow. Do have an INSPIRED day in School.

Yours in your best interest,


The Preacher

S.A.F.E™VILLE, May 6, 2019

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