Child Sexuality Education has become a major issue today. It is not only a major issue, it has become very dicey and I am really concerned.

Permit me to say that it is not the subject matter that is dicey. It is the way it is being discussed by many today, who lay claim to expertise and knowledge of it…

I think the real issue is that we are yet to recognise the simplicity and sensitivity required to pass the message accross and how to combine both and find the necessary balance that brings healing and remove fear and PARANOIA.

There was a time in the society that it was a taboo to talk about sex to our precious children and their distinguished parents. I think that taboo seems to have been wrestled to its grave to a large extent.

I think the new devil now is the fact that majority of us believe that the discussion about sexuality education is what anybody can have.

It seems we believe that if we experienced sexual abuse at childhood or adulthood or we have attended a few trainings here and there are in a group place to discuss and claim expertise on the subject matter. While the foregoing may be the springboard for holding or participating in this conversation, I make bold to say it is in no way enough.

I began to first have conversations with myself about my sexuality 21 years ago. My conversation led me to begin to search for healing for my own soul, my sexuality haven been damaged before I understood what it was all about. I met my sexuality on a platter of abuse and I have been working on myself since I came to Christ in 1997.

I have dealt with ANGER, FEAR, PARANOIA, SUSPICION, FORGIVENESS and the likes and I will be sharing my journey through healing and the priceless lessons thereof. It is a unique curriculum on the subject matter of sexuality education found in the crucible of my search for healing, devoid of jargons, rooted in the perculiarity and reality of the Third World and domesticated to bring healing and peace, with due respect for BALANCE and STANDARDS.

Join me on our group TODAY, Friday, 31, 2019 to discuss Sexuality Education, The STANDARDS Way.
Join the group here right away and make it a date with me later today at 8.00PM. See you in class and do have an INSPIRED day.

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