I have just finished a series I ran throughout the month of June on my weekly Facebook broadcast, titled, YOU, YOUR CHILDREN AND THEIR SEXUALITY. The series was a product of experience and research and the feedback has been awesome. Just as I thought I was done, my team and I again decided on this topic and consider it necessary to be discussed at times like this…

Child Sexual Abuse, a global epidemic of yesterday and today, is not a natural disaster, like a tsunami that came upon us without our efforts or omissions as peoples of this world. It is not a self- inflicting tragedy on the precious souls of our innocent children.

Whatever we see perennial is a society is actively or passively, covertly or overtly, directly or indirectly courted by the society, by the abundance of its omissions and commissions, based on ignorance and misinformation of the critical mass of us as peoples.

Child Sexual Abuse begins as a seed while the society sleeps and by the time it’s seemingly insurmountable impact and consequences on our precious children and the society as a whole rouse us from our sleep it has become a labyrinthine forest in which many spirits of our precious children are blatantly afflicted, the souls gruesomely wounded and their bodies burried under the riuns of perverted spirits and souls.

Yet, the culture of silence has been blamed as the main culprit in the perpetration of Child Sexual Abuse. While this may carry a measure of truth, it is mainly so to the extent of a search for cure and rightfully punishing suspected and tried perpetrators. The war against the culture of silence only assumes a more valuable worth where it is broken and accompanied with the lessons for observers on how to prevent same from being the fate of other precious and innocent children, having put in place a social structure to help the ones, who break the silence to experience a measure of healing. Permit me to note though silence may be more resounding in Africa, it is a global phenomenon.

Why did I say a measure of healing? I testify that the impact of Child Sexual Abuse is eternal, except there is divine intervention. For example, I was molested at the age of 6 -8 by a female neighbor. I didn’t begin to tell my story until I was over 27. That I didn’t begin to tell my story immediately after my experience neither invalidated same nor meant that my healing began in my years of silence. My years of silence, which were not deliberate were my years of suffering and smiling as I didn’t have the capacity to assess the impact of my experience until I met Christ and found my true image in His WORD.

When silence is broken, majority greets same with anger but I have come to know through my rigorous journey through healing for my spirit, soul and body that anger is NEVER a tool of any effective proportion neither is her twin, accusing finger, punctuated with unguarded outburst…

There are tested concepts bigger than the culture of silence, anger, accusations and counter-accusations in preventing Child Sexual Abuse. With these concepts, which found through my own journey of healing and investment in research, we have helped many individuals families and organizations.

As an expert in prevention, (which is superior to cure), I will be sharing on my weekly Facebook broadcast at 8.00PM on Friday, July 5, 2019: ‘Child Sexual Abuse: The SCIENCE of CAUSE, EFFECT and PREVENTION…’

It is my preliminary submission that until a society wears the cap of reasoning and search for the root causes of any social problems, with the aim of tackling it from the root, it becomes perpetual and helpless victim of same. For example, it is my professional submission that when Child Sexaul Abuse happens there are 3 categories of culprits, who have dropped the balls at different levels and cause the spirit, soul and body of the abused child to be afflicted, though such affliction are ever preventable. While all the 3 categories must be subjected to our legal system and brought to book, yet, society has perfected the unhelpful act or omission of focusing on just one category of the culprit.

I will be shedding light on all of these and more during this broadcast…

You can join the group by clicking here https://www.facebook.com/groups/576030869535441/?ref=bookmarks

Do have an INSPIRED day and see you on Friday.

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