I am 49 years old and the possibility of using another 49 years here on earth seems very impossible for me except by a dint of miracle and this is a miracle I am neither keen nor hopeful about. Thus, since February 16, 1997, when Christ redeemed me and recruited me as a combatant into his kingdom my single-minded pursuit has been ‘I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.’ It is clear in my mind since I was recruited that ‘no soldier on service entangles himself in the affairs of this life; that he may please him who enrolled him as a soldier.’ For me, there are no half measures. It is full measure or nothing.

What is my mandate as a trained combatant? Securing A Friendly and PROTECTIVE Environment™ for the precious African Child by empowering and engaging private and public institutions, beginning from the family, saddled with the sacred of providing care for them. I pursue the foregoing with audacious tenacity through Social Empowerment Advocacy™, System’s Approach and Policy Formulation, Monitoring and Evaluation. I am self-appointed regulatory body for the sanity of the spirit, soul and body of our precious children and my greatest tool is enlightenment, standing on this truism, received by personal revelation many years ago, ‘enlightenment is superior to enforcement™.’

I cannot keep calm neither would I faint in the face of seemingly insurmountable onslaught on the impressionable minds of our precious young people in Nigeria and Africa. This unholy onslaught has been packaged as entertainment, particularly as music and reality shows.

Our case is more pathetic because the makers of these vain contents have found unbridled collaboration with the unwary primary and secondary caregivers of these precious children, irrespective of the faith these caregivers proclaim. It is now clear to me experientially that people’s faith seems to have no impact on their value.

Ideally, our primary responsibility will be to shield our precious children from lewdness and negative influences of any form but now, it is unfortunate that we promote it and active so or we condone it and passively so.

Today’s parents/guardians invest huge resources (time, energy and finances) on training the heads of our precious children, but do not have the discipline and culture of deliberately investing in training their hearts. We forget that it is by the heart that the head is instructed. We also forget that a heart that is not stabilised with Positive Value System is capable of any bad habit or evil. He/she may begin with pornography today, graduate into masturbation tomorrow, engage in immoral sex day after, begin to experiment with substance abuse along the line, try some stealing on the side and the list is endless. This I have come to know by personal and field experience that engagement in one immoral or evil act or omission is a proof that one can engage in all. As a matter of fact one bad habit opens the floodgates for others.

It is my well-considered opinion that if the heart instructs the head, we must as a matter of supreme wisdom and priority invest more in the heart of our precious children than we invest in their heads. I guess that is why C.S Lewis warned, ‘education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil.’ It is in the light of the foregoing we must consider the brilliance of Adolf Hitler and the wickedness of his untrained heart. Permit me to conclude that the stability of the lives of our young people in not in their Hard (technical) Skill, it is in their soft and Positive Value-Based Skills.

Look around you, as our precious children are on long vacation, the rat race has again begun, inviting us to again invest in training the heads of our precious children. But we call for a departure and we will not continue to complain as we do not belong to the league of complainers. As our custom is, we take action. Thus on Saturdays, August 17(mainland) and 24(Island), our team will be working with children from age 10 to 17 and young people from 18-19 at our S.A.F.E™VILLE ONE DAY CLUB. The details are as contained in the attached handbills or you can register rights here through the link

It is time to expose our precious children and young people to the difference of how to take responsibility for their Personal Safety and Self-Protection from all forms of abuse and self-harm habits.

Do have an INSPIRED day.

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