When sleep becomes a burden
And rest becomes stress,
Then, the boy in man has dominated the man in him;
And the voice of the man in him is drowned by that of the boy in him.

Where is the giant that once roared?
When is the giant that once quieted this very same boy?
But while the giant slept,
The boy grew and began to occupy the loose territories of the soul,
Remember, nature does not deal in vacuum.

Today the boy, a monster,
And the man, a prey.
Alas, the boy is fully in charge.
How are the mighty fallen?

Who will reconcile the boy and the man before a final implusion, so predictable?
Who will bell this ferocious cat?
Who will perforate his den?
Or is the man now at the mercy of boy forever?

Who will restore the man?
Who will restore the boy?
Who will restore the humanity in man?
Who will return sleep to pleasure
And rest to rest?

This is a vacancy for a surgeon of the soul,
And only a man, applied within can apply within.
Are you?
Am I?

(C) July 2019

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