Before 1997, I was the chief of sinners, leading a life so wayward to the glory of the enemy of my soul. My thoughts were made of dirts; my words were couched in the depth of frivolities; my deeds clothed in many colours of vanity; trouble was my forte; purposeless was my ardent companion; my life, was of course a city but it was a one without an inch of a wall. By my lifestyle, prison, death and mental illness beckoned at me vigorously and rigorously and rightfully so too.Then Sunday, February 16, 1997, I encountered the person of Christ Jesus.I was checked into the intensive care unit of the change laboratory for series mind surgeries and therapies. I have since been checked out of the ICU(though work in progress) and I have a great story to tell of the seemingly impossible personal change, I have graciously encountered. Today, I define change as an ever present possiblity for any human being, who is ready to take responsibility.I have since helped countless of young people and their families to manage change and direct or redirect them on the right course.One of the tools I found and used for myself is what I call My Personal Constitution, under which my primary responsibility is to DEFINE and DEFEND my Personal Territorial Integrity, having elected myself Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of my life. It is my greatest life lessons that you are going no where meaningful in life except you DECLARE and DESIGN the END from the BEGINNING.At our one S.A.F.E™VILE™ ONE DAY CLUB holding on Saturday, August 17(Mainland) and Saturday 24, (Island), my team and I will be sharing with the precious participants (7-9 & 10-18) the template for developing their Personal Constitution.It is time to register your precious young one right here https://bit.ly/2LQV6oyI personally look forward to receiving them at our S.A.F.E™VILE™ ONE DAY CLUB.Do have an INSPIRED day.Yours IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE PRECIOUS AFRICAN CHILD,

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