I have been in Port Harcourt since Sunday as a guest of the @ngbritish facilitating the #connectingclassrooms Core and Transferable Skills for leaders and teachers of leading private/missionary schools in Port Harcourt
I was scheduled to leave P/H this morning with the 9am flight for an 11am speaking engagement in Lagos… Truly, we boarded on time o and went through all the ‘cabin crew preparing for boarding’ things…My drive and Executive Assistant already waiting at the airport to take me straight to the engagement from the airport…My host already called and exictedly received the news that I had boarded and would make it as scheduled… Already put my head to rest, having worked all night that a fellow passenger will be magnanimous to wake me up when we land in Lagos, phone already safe in flight mode…
Then came the rude unexpected, an announcement, ‘the plane is not starting, give us 5 minutes…’ Like 10 minutes after, then came the final bomb from the shell, the plan is not starting, please disembark and our staff on the ground will brief you on the next lines of action…Now we are here until FURTHER NOTICE…And for those of us who know ‘FURTHER,’ he is very often dull of hearing, not to talk of NOTICING and ACTING on what is committed into his hand within a reasonable time, particularly in the Third World Nigeria…So we are now in the hand of FURTHER, waiting for him to NOTICE us…Oh sorry, consider that a slip of the pen, we are in the hands of God…He is bigger than FURTHER and those in charge of it…He will show up for us soon and very soon and NOTICE us… He delievers from the snare of the Nigerian Aviation space in Jesus name. Amen!!!!


To God be the glory… I am now back to base…A dear pastor friend said to me today that ‘in Nigeria we fly by faith,’ But I responded, ‘in Nigeria we fly FAITH.’ Thank you all for your concern.

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