We rise and fall on our belief and the system it creates.

It is trite that we choose our belief and our belief chooses our destiny in life and beyond.
The truth of the matter is that our belief, right or wrong is a function of our socialization. It is for the reason that as adults, we must determine our socialization and deliberately so too, particularly as people, saddled with the responsibility of providing leadership to the precious children under our primary and secondary care.
I believe the way it works is that what we see and hear determine what we think, what we think graduates to what we believe, what we believe determines what do.
The way we treat our precious children today is a result of what we believe about them and what we believe about them is a function of what was believed about us growing up…
If what was believed about us was right, what we will be believe about our precious children will be right? But once what we believed what us was wrong, it becomes vicious cycle of reproducing errors.
The sad thing today is that in our quest to work with parents to properly raise their precious children right, we keep addressing ignorance Instead of belief.
I don’t think anyone is ignorant or completely blank on the subject matter of how to raise children in Africa. We know something about the child passed to us from generation to generation.
It is just my opinion that what know and believe are largely full of misinformation, which constitute a threat to raising precious children, who are able to hold thier own and stand tall in harnessing the unlimited opportunities and surmounting the challenges of the 21st century.
It is my thinking that the majoritty of those saddled with the onerous responsibilities of raising our precious children today do not know the things they should know about today’s children but unfortunately they conclude that they know the things they should do…
In our S.A.F.E™ School of STANDARDS, holding in Lagos(Ikeja & Island) and Abuja on October 19 & 27 respectively, I will address the subject matter of belief, misinformation and expired ideas on raising children.
It is free but registration is compulsory. Please register here and help us spread the word within your network.
Kindly note that this is not a conversation you want to miss for anything in this whole wide world.
See you in class and do have an INSPIRED week.

The Preacher

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