Rev. Laurie Idahosa will be our very first Guest Speaker at the WoW Conference 2020(, setting the tone for the 3-day conversation with our great women.

Her distinguished self is going to be leading the foundational and all-important conversation on the FAMILY, MARRIAGE, SINGLEHOOD AND PARENTING: THE ROLE OF A WOMAN.

Rev. Laurie IDAHOSA is a beacon of hope, bastion of inspiration and an exceptional bundle of gifts to her immediate family, her family of faith and the world at large.

The immensity of her capacity cuts across many noble and laudable interests. She is a blessed wife, intentional mother, unimpeachable preacher of the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ and a Senior Pastor, an excellent influncer, coach and educationist, a life-transforming author and blogger, a philanthropist and humanitarian of an immense and globally acknowledged proportion, unique model and actor, just to mention a few highlights.

I testify that she is an insightful discussant, inspirational speaker, empathetic communicator, who passionately, eloquently and effectively connects with her audience, sowing the invaluable seeds of generational impact.

Distinguished women, permit me to introduce to you highly esteemed Rev. Laurie IDAHOSA as she leads conversation on the subject matter of
FAMILY, MARRIAGE, SINGLEHOOD AND PARENTING: THE ROLE OF A WOMAN and set the tone for the WoW Conference 2020.

Register here to join the WoW Conference 2020 and kindly share within your network.


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