This is Africa and I am interested in how the continent treats her people, particularly her women and children.

Honestly, I am not sure that I can give Africa a pass mark concerning how we treat our people, man, woman and children.

My attention here today is our highly esteemed women because I am pleading their noble cause.

It is important to note that my attention on women is not because I believe that the African continent and it’s handlers treat men better or place respect for dignity of human in the front burner of their concerns. For social conversations to be strategic and result-oriented, it must be deliberately segmented.

I have also come to the irresistible conclusion that our advocacy for the rights of our distinguished women and precious children will neither midwife nor birth meaningful and enduring results, except we address and turn around the social, political and economic systems that empower the handlers to sit on the necks of its people with a full measure of an audacious impunity.

At our WoW Conference 2020 (, during my opening remarks and main session, I will lead value-oriented, solution-based and socially-relevant conversations on the state of the African women as she demands respect for her dignity of human person, right to live a meaningful and productive life even as she seeks the best interest of her precious children in Africa.

Register here to join the WoW Conference 2020 and kindly share within your network.

See you above the waters.


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