I have been busy with our conference, Women Working with Children 2020 and I must say we had a great outing yesterday at the Day 1 of the conference.

As we concluded Day 1, yesterday night, I dashed off to the Facebook page of Adesina Ademola Ogunlana, my dearly beloved presidential candidate for the Nigerian Bar Association Election 2020 to catch the news of the court proceedings of the matter instituted to challenge his unjust disqualification from the race.

My countenance fell as crawled into my bed.

I was deeply saddened by the news that we didn’t get justice from the court. Though, I was saddened, I was not surprised…

It was a sad night for me that I belong to a nation, where the apex body of it’s lawyers employ brazen jungle justice and the supposed ministers in the temple of justice have now perfected the act of desecrating the temple.

It was a sad night for the Nigerian Bar Association that it is has not lived up to the letters of her own constitution….

It was a sad night for Nigeria and it’s captors, commited to silencing every peaceful and potent voice of dissent, not knowing it is digging the last level of its own grave…

That the state, using the instrumentality of the court and working actively with certain elements of retrogression within and outside the bar to purportedly disqualify Adesina Ademola Ogunlana from contesting the presidency of the Nigerian Bar Association is a brazen rape of the people’s will to seek legitimate and peaceful change to the state of a disappearing nation through activism from the lawyers as counselled by the first indigenous Nigerian Lawyer, Alexander Sapara William. He said, ‘the legal practitioner live for the direction of its people and the advancement of the cause of his country…’

You may seemingly scuttle a mission to change Nigeria, but you cannot scuttle the collective will of the people for a new Nigeria…

Let is be known as Walter Rodney warns, ‘this act in itself will not delay their day of judgement…’

It is dangerous for a nation to make peaceful change impossible…

I remain Taiwo AKINLAMI
The Preacher

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