This day last week, we kicked off our Women Working with Children Conference, reaching close to 2,000 women.

To women & men, who loves them, thank you for joining us & if you missed any of the sessions, please view them here through the link here http://bit.ly/TaiwoAkinlamiYouTubeChannel

Tonight at 8.00PM GMT+1 I return to the trenches to begin our Power Parenting®Weekly, which holds on Taiwo AKINLAMI Academy Facebook Group & YouTube Channel here http://bit.ly/TaiwoAkinlamiYouTubeChannel

Today I will discuss the role of the ‘Duty-Bearer-in-Chief’ in achieving Power Parenting, doing a comparative analysis between the first world & third world countries.

It promises to be  insightful, intriguing & yet offers nothing but EXTREME VALUE

I cordially invite you to join me tonight as I unfold who the Duty-Bearer-in-Chief is &  how it is impossible to raise complete children without his/her input.

See you soon as we implore you SUBSCRIBE to our Channel NOW and turn on the NOTIFICATION for broadcast alert.


#parenting #childprotection #children #socialprotection #childhood #childrights #sexuality #dutyofcare #dutybearer #rightsholder

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