Does a man or woman celebrate without knowing what and why he/she is celebrating?

What exactly are we celebrating to today?

60 years ago, an event occurred.

In real Socio-politcal terms it was a change of baton from the colonial masters to neo-colonial agents.

Power did not change hands. What changed hands was the modus operandi of exercising social, political and economic powers.

Before 1960 the enemy was from without, who came to run things in this geographical location. From 1960, there enemies are within representing the interests of those who are now physically without.

The people, who have never been considered are the masses. Both under the colonial and neo-colonial arrangements, the lot of the Nigerian people have never changed and if it has changed, it has not changed significantly.

One of the agendas of the ruling elites is to keep the poor poor or poorer and one of the ways to do this is to deny their precious children access to liberating education.

Thus is a deliberate effort to keep the impoverished poor by denying them access to education.

Don’t get it twisted, the ruling class know the value of education. If it were not so, they will not send their children to the best schools in the world and position them for a takeover power.

So if they know the value of education enough to plunder our commonwealth and spend part of it to send their children to schools, why are other children deny the very thing the ruling elite will lose their limbs to get for their children? There is an agenda!

Our Radio Drama: SCHOOL REOPENING: CONVERSATION WITH NO-NAME, which we will premiering today seeks to express the disappointment of the precious Nigerian children in the state and warns sternly on the implications of the same…

It is a conversation starter…It is an abridged version and coming soon is an extended version…

We must judge the Nigerian state today by no other standards than how it treats her children. ‘There is no keener revelation of the soul of a society than how it treats it’s children,’ says Mandela…

Our Radio Drama, School Resumption: Conversation With No-Name premièred yesterday on YouTube Channel today here http://bit.ly/TaiwoAkinlamiYouTube to celebrate Nigeria’s Independent.

Please join our Channel put on the notification bell for the broadcast alert…LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE…

Do have an INSPIRED day.


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