The Day Nigeria Happened To Me

My dearly beloved brother, Dele Farotimi coined the phrase, ‘Nigeria happening to a person…’

My day started early as I headed for an important appointment.

At the place of my appointment, which I have been to a couple of times and adjudged enclosed, secured and only visited by members of the upper crust of society and I decided to give my phone a charge. I also called the attention of the receptionist to that fact and she gave me a kind of assurance that the only place my phone could be safer was heaven.

Done with my appointment, like a dove, my phone had developed wings and flown away.

Madam receptionist, where is my phone? Hold on, we will see the stealer on CCTV footage.

Then the wait began and while waiting I began to call my banks. O boy, those guys cannot be called for emergency purposes o.

Though the calls were not toll free, the endless minutes of waiting took a deep toll on my credit and urgency of the situation.

All banks reached, the receptionist informed, I would have to come back as investigations into the disappearance of my phone was still under construction.

Then comes the biggest news, the almighty Federal Government of Nigeria has placed indefinite embargo on SIM Card retrieval.

That means I will be separated from my telephone number of over 12 years till further notice and you know in Nigeria further hardly looks back, particularly at this time that the nation is happening to all.

Please does anyone know the reason behind this draconian directives which is staying that a loss of SIM is an unpardonable sin that must be punished with an indefinite term of separation from a tool of business and social interactions?

Yesterday, December 28, 2020 Nigeria happened to me and I will not get over it in a hurry.

Another question, I heard the phrase for years, ‘the rich also cry,’ but may I ask, does the rich also steal? Yes, I know that the rich also steals things like public funds. But I mean does the rich also steal phone? Is Nigeria happening to them that much?:

Do have an INSPIRED morning.

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