My teacher nicknamed me a devil at age 10; my name was constantly on the list of noise makers and disturbers in school; my name was written in black book of the school; my father tied my legs and hands to apply the rod, leaving indelible marks on my body; I was a helpless recipient of all the negative words you cannot think of in this world.

I was a child whose rebellion was suppressed by all means necessary and my noncomforming spirit was labelled a case of chronic maladjustment, which spirit must be exorcised from me as a favour to me and humanity.

But at 12 in primary 5, I fought back and the target was my class teacher. I didn’t only speak back at her, I brought from my overloaded emotional garbage and served her raw venison of pain.

I saw her eyes well up until the tears began to drop in beautiful torrents on her light-in-complexion cheeks. Satisfied, I took my seat in victory, yet filled with the fear of judgement.

Yes the judgement came. My father was invited to the school, double jeopardy was my portion, but the rebel in me could not be robbed of the victory of that day, even till today.

That day, I lost the virgnity of fear and suppression and was initiated to the life I was born to live, a life a rebel with a cause.

I think every child is born a rebel.

Who is a rebel?

A rebel in this context is someone, who challenges the status quo for its own improvement.

A child is born to challenge and change something in his/her world.

If the foregoing is not so, no child will be born with the originality of a sense of judgement and freedom, curiosity, innocence and fearlessness.

Our society is yet to understand, accept, preserve and unleash the human ingenuity of our precious children.

The truth is there is no force on the face of the earth that can suppress the seed of rebellion in our precious children. When it is nurtured and given direction, it births positive innovation and when it is suppressed and misdirected, it births uncanny destruction, first in the life of the child, the family and the world at large.

Let us guide the rebels in our children that we and our world may rejoice in the limitless and priceless fruits of the same.

Do have an INSPIRED week.

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