The departure of my Subscriber Identity Module(SIM) number +2348033620843, a faithful companion of 16 years for social and professional purposes, through the unsolicited intervention of a Nigerian brother or sister with very light fingers, who found wings for my phone to fly into thin air did not provoke any iota of anger in me.

I neither has a curse nor blessing for the fellow. Life is able to deal of us a measure of rewards for our actions or omission. So why pretend that you can help life. Funny enough, despite the magnitude of the information in my 128 GB capacity phone, I found my sense of loss numbed like leprous limbs.

Things happen, my disposition was to move on.

That was where I was wrong. I cannot move on. It is not in the character of the Nigerian state to allow you to move on. As a matter of fact the Nigerian state is deliberately designed to put a person’s life in a reverse mode.

Since Monday, December 28, 2020, the state has made sure that my social and professional life is suspended without notice.

First, there was a ban on retrieval of SIM card for unthinkable reasons, best known to the state and its captors in power.

Then on Thursday, December 31st, the ban was announced to have been lifted. On Saturday, January 2, 2020 I showed up at the MTN centre and was told that the directive is yet to be communicated.

I returned to the MTN centre on Monday, January 4, at 5.55PM, upon being informed that I could now retrieve, only for the security officer to shut the door on my face. He claimed the closing time was 6.00PM. My fuming and protest found a restful location in the deaf ears of the managers of the centre.

On Wednesday, January 6, the American Insurrection Day, I returned to the MTN center and I was in for a 4 hour wait, 2.00PM to 6.00PM. The system was down.

On Friday, January 8, the day Twitter permanently suspended that man’s Twitter Nuclear Weapon, I returned to the MTN center. The system is down and could not connect with NIMC’s server as their staff has chosen the strike option.

For how long shall Nigeria continue to happen to us like this? When shall we in the words of Dele Farotimi by all peaceful means necessary happen to Nigeria? This year?

This is my Nigeria, where SIM retrieval has become rocket science, requiring the Macedonia Mission of Elon Reeve Musk.

Do have an ALUTA INSPIRED day.

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