Bayefiine 15, female and student is pregnant for her older peer, who accepted  responsibility for it.

Her parents are insisting she must abort the baby because of the shame they believe the discovery of her ‘unwanted pregnancy’ will bring to them in the comity of their community, friends and religious associates, Jaiye’s dad being a religious leader of repute.

Bayefiine sober and repentant, however feels she should be allowed to have her baby. She fears for her life and her belief, gleaned from her father’s past messages that God is against abortion haunts her.

What exactly is this unwanted pregnancy thing? Does a pregnancy become unwanted because a teenager is carrying it or because she was not prepared and supported not to have it in the first instance?

Is a pregnancy unwanted because the teenage boy ends up impregnating his peer, when he is not ready for it or because he is not prepared and supported to see the positive side of masculinity and a commitment to protect his female friend and peer?

Fellow Parliametarians, the matter is over to you, what is our candid advise to the parties and what are your views about the issues raised here.

When we talk about unwanted pregnancies among our teenager, who is the number culprit and when does a pregnancy can actually be termed unwanted?


  1. Abortion is a mortal sin. No justification for killing innocent foetus or baby. It is funny when people term pregnancy “unwanted” At what point is pregnancy wanted? Oh! At marriage or on the completion of one academics. Hmmmmm, these are human lay rules and regulations mostly customs . Teenage pregnancy is caused by many factors such as parental negligence, Peers advice, mishandling of social media, moral decadence in family and society at large, ignorance, Poverty, low level education. Etc. To place the whole blame on teenage girl or boy is unfair as the cause of “unwanted pregnancy” is not the sole making of the actors in the game. Parents, Teachers and Guidance should be vigilant, and inculcate virtues in the life of young ones. Society at large should shun vices and uphold virtues at all times for a better society. You don’t engage in vices (abortion) to correct ills in society rather you scold at immoral act take precautions and push for way forward. We should dis abuse our mind that teenage pregnancy is the end of education NO, or Abortion is solution No, let have faith in God, have faith in the social system.
    My take.

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