Growing up for me was not only tough but rough.

A look at my legs today reveal how rough I was. Both legs and a part of my hand show deep scars from old wounds.

It was so bad that I was ashamed to reveal my legs in my university days. I was always in my pairs of trousers and only death could remove them from me even before my roommates.

I avoided any event that would take away my trousers and replace them with shorts. To cover the ‘shame’ of my childhood roughness, I made it a point of duty never to attend any picnic and beach party that may require the wearing of shorts.

I only became bold when I gave my life to Christ in 1997. With Christ in the picture, I understand that everything in my past is part of the full story of my completeness in Christ Jesus.

With the foregoing I was known as the shorts wearing guy in the Nigerian Law School. I became so comfortable with the physical scars of my childhood roughness that I wore them like my badges of honour, wearing my shorts even to church on Sunday.

These scars could have been amputated legs today, but for the intervention of two kind women.

Today, I honour two old women, who demonstrated to me that it took a village to raise a child.

At a time my parents, particularly my mum could not cope with the rate at which I acquired injuries in multiple torrents.Therefore my wounds were left untreated. They festered and were inviting to tetanus.

Both while we lived in Orereowu and Idolofin in Ado Ekiti, two old women came to the rescue.

At different times in my life, they intervened. With hot water and clean rag, they would treat the wound and put the yellowish powder, harvested from tetracycline capsules. Sometimes, they added liquid squeezed from tobacco leaves.

Both of them were firm but my wounds healed fastest for it.

Unfortunately, I do not remember their names today, but fortunately I remember their noble works and more important to me is their works and not their names. While many of my handlers were part of my problems, these women were surely part of my solutions and their contributions remain indelible to my soul.

Do have an INSPIRED week ahead.

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