Sober International Family Day

When families singlehandedly take responsibility for BASIC SOCIAL SERVICES like HEALTHCARE, EDUCATION, FOOD, SHELTER, SECURITY as they are compelled to do in Africa today, they are awfully distracted from their primary and most important role, which is to inculcate POSITIVE VALUE in their precious children.

It is in this spirit that the most important conversation today as we mark International Family Day must be Family Strengthening through deliberate Social Investment from the Community and the State, which dividend is seen Social Protection for the majority of our peoples.

For example, in Nigeria, according to World Poverty Clock close to 90 Million of our people live in ultra, extreme and ruinous poverty, representing 43% of our population, living on less than $1.90 per day.

‘Ultra-poverty is an inability to meet even the barest of basic needs. The ultra-poor are typically food insecure, have few or no assets, lack education, and suffer from poor health…’

It is important to note that living in extreme poverty is different from living as vulnerable people within the poverty line. According to Wikipedia, ‘nationally, 43 percent of Nigerians (89 million people) live below the poverty line, while another 25 percent (53 million) are vulnerable.’

The advocacy today must be for an egalitarian society, where our peoples and families are supported and strengthened by the community and the state through a true commitment to Social Investments, which guarantees Social Protection for the majority of our people.

Fellow Family Strengthening Parliametarians, what do you think? Your thoughts are relevant to this matter of family and national importance.

I am yours, Taiwo AKINLAMI

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