A couple adopted twins and it was a joyful day when the twins were brought home.

The twins began to grow under the delightful care of their commited parents.

Then one day, the unfortunate happened as both adoptive parents died in a fatal car accident.

The extended family of the late adoptive parents returned these precious children to the doorsteps of the Lagos State Ministry of Youth and Social Development, claiming that these precious children were not the biological children of their departed relatives.

It so sad that that there was no voice of reasoning from both the families of the adoptive father and mother.

It became the headache of the Lagos State Government to resolve the social, welfare and legal issues thrown up by these unfortunate incident.

It was grandma’s birthday and it was the turn of grandchildren to take group photograph. As Wemi, the adopted daughter of one of the sons of the celebrant was going to join the group photograph, an auntie stopped her and said, the photograph was for grandchildren.

Her adoptive parents only learnt about the devastating experience of their adoptive daughter, when she did not appear in the group photograph.

These two cases and many others touching on the disposition of the family of adoptive parents to the adopted children are pointers to our concerns about how ready our society is for adoption.

I have also seen as adoptive parent, who labelled her adopted daughter(her first child) a dullard and sentenced her  to live with grandma.

There are also stories of adopted children, who owe their adoptive parents their lives as a show of gratitude for the sacrifices, care and love  extended to them.

But are these second category of caring adoptive more in number than the first we identified. If the secondary category do exist, do they have the blessings of their extended families?

Fellow Family Strengthening Parliametarians, let’s discuss.

We look forward to reading your views.

Do have an INSPIRED week.

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