There is no keener revelation of the soul of a nation than how it treats their children,’ says Nelson MANDELA

‘A voice is heard in Ramah, mourning and great weeping, Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted…'(Jeremiah 31: 15)

Between the words  of Mandela and Jeremiah, I reflect on the state and fate of the Nigerian Child as a consistent stakeholder in the matters relating to the Nigerian children since 1997.

The result of our lack of social investment is reflected in zero Social Protection for our precious children and abandoned parents. From hunger, poor health, illiteracy, homelessness, insecurity, statelessness, the ‘Nigerian’ Child is today between placed by between a rock and a hard place. There seems to be no conform anywhere he/she turns and this can be felt by the leper, seen by the blind and heard by the deaf, except for those, who have deliberately signed up to be sedated with apathy and now live in a state of SELECTIVE SOCIAL AMNESIA.

We live in nation, whose soul has departed as evidenced in the ultra neglect of the majority of her precious children.

In a day like this, we warn that except we take quick action to resuscitate the soul of this nation, we will soon by our collective and individual silence be drenched in the stench of her departed soul.

To all our precious Nigerian children, on this sobering day, we again commit ourselves to the cause of Securing A Friendly & Protective Environment® &  building an Egalitarian Sociery for you.

We see & hear you!

Please, if you can, join us on Saturday, May 29, 2021 as we mark your day with a chat with you on an area of your life that is very important to you and us, your SEXUALILTY.  Register for our SAFEVILLE CLUB OPEN HOUSE via this link http://bit.ly/EPP2ME or in bio

Do have an INSPIRED Children’s Day

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