Lay him to rest from the woes of a nation, who sheds the blood of her own future.

Lay him to rest, the nation is the lost and not him.

Lay him to rest from the label of lazy Nigerian youths, whose lives and future are traded for the sacrilegious pot of greed in which small men and women in the rulership over this failed space feed fat to their eternal damnation.

Lay him to rest, he has again become another significant emblem of a nation without an ounce of a conscience.

Lay him to rest for though his mortality is shortened, but his blood is active here and in eternity, seeking and speaking judgement for the handlers of this contraption and the system of evil, carefuly woven to sustains it.

Lay him to rest for his spirit lives with audacious vitality in other young men and women, who are destined take hold of their present and future and dare the kings of occupation of this jungle.

Lay him to rest for the nation which sheds the blood of her youth sheds her own blood and shall soon succumb to her fatal wounds, talking it’s kings out, leaving none behind.

Lay him to rest for when the nation shall succumb to her wound, out of her ashes shall rise a new nation, which today is yet unborn.

I pour the libation of your blood on the altar of justice today, though it has never existed in our nation, charging you to raze down this system of evil and all of her legacies.

I am ONIWASU Taiwo AKINLAMI speaking from the SANCTUARY of my SPIRIT and SOUL.

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