This piece is inspired by Titilola Vivour-Adeniyi ( Merchant of Hope), Executive Secretary of the Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team Agency, Lagos State, who shared in a group, we both belong, the link to the summary of the judgment of Supreme Court of Nigeria in TEGA ESABUNOR & ANOR. VS. DR. TUNDE FAWEYA & 4 ORS, where the court established the #right of a #child born to members of JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES CHRISTIAN to life and by extension to blood transfusion to save the child and also touched on the child’s freedom of religion.

Here is my response in the group:

I have followed this case with keen interest for a while now and I agree wholeheartedly with the Supreme Court on this landmark judgment.

The position of the Supreme Court has always been my position and I have canvassed the same at many public fora. A child does not belong to the parents to the extent of determining his medical fate against the principles of medical science or direct advice of a medical doctor, particularly when the right of the child to life is jeopardised.

The other issue here which the Supreme Court alluded to briefly and which for me is a major issue is the fact that the child at the end of the day may not embrace the faith of the parents.

This underscores the fact that no parents can foist his/her faith on a child. The child has the right to #freedom of #religion. A parent’s faith is only communicated to a child through persuasion when the child is old enough to accept or reject the same.

Did the Supreme Court of Nigeria go too far? What is the experience in your continent and country as a Child Protection Subject Matter Expert or a religious leader/enthusiast?

This conversation is necessary to expand the frontiers of this conversation on the right of the child to life and freedom of religion.

Do have an INSPIRED day

#childrights #childprotection #children

One comment

  1. I concur with the position of supreme court on this matter. Every child has right to religion, the court only remove overbearing influence of parents on child’s right.

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