Today, I rise from the rubbles and ashes of my shocked and heavy heart but with great hope, judging God faithful to share a thought on the departure to glory of Pastor Nomthi ODUKOYA, who is an angel and a saint, whose spirit, soul and appearance exude the love, grace, joy, kindness, purity and the spirit of God in measures I will never find enough words and adjectives to describe in a lifetime. This is the unfettered and eloquent testimony of anyone, who has the rare blessing and privilege of experiencing her Spirit-filled person and presence both near and far. She is the JOY OF THE LORD personified, christened us all, Honourable Fountaineers at The Fountain of Life Church (she sees and treats every person she comes across, young and old, honourably). Weekly, while declaring the unfailing promises of God to us, she actively and consistently encourages us to enjoy our lives and will conclude with an ever-present smile on her face, ‘I am enjoying mine too.’ She is an exceptional woman and a mother in a million of ways in whom there is no iota of guile, ordained of God to simplify for easy comprehension, belief and transformation, the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.   

Her heart and passion for children, matters that concern them and finding genuine and innovative solutions to them sacrificially are unparalleled in my estimation as someone, who worked closely with her.

It is my faith that God will by Himself comfort Pastor Taiwo ODUKOYA, an unusually blessed man, whose unique personhood, rare humanity and the truth of his ministries have been of unfathomable impact and a tremendous blessing to me and my family in countless and indelible ways since I set my eyes on him on Tuesday, February 18 when I began to worship at The Fountain of Life Church till this day. The truth is that the story of my journey of life and faith will not be complete without the prodigious roles God has used him to play in forming the same. 

It is my faith that he is strengthened in his inner and outer man, that God will reveal Himself to him in NEW and DEEPER DIMENSIONS, so to his immediate family, extended family, our local assembly, The Fountain of Life Church and the community of faith in Nigeria and beyond in Jesus name.

Pastor Nomthi ODUKOYA, God’s General of FAITH and JOY lives on and we thank God for her life of irrecoverable impact in our lives and generations to come in Jesus name and we know that she is resting in the bosom of her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, whose she is and whom she serves. Goodnight ma and thank you for giving your all to the Lord. I am one of the numerous lives thoroughly and immensely blessed by your ABUNDANT LIFE and EXCEPTIONAL MINISTRIES.

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