The 3 boils on my head and the scary interpretation from ‘well-wishers: Help!

Like the 3 little birds in the hit and evergreen Bob Marley’s song, my head presently plays host to 3 boils, though not little. One perches alone in the front and the others, not too far apart on the right side.

I since engaged the services of Vaseline and and locally(Nigerian) mixed Shea Butter as my comforting balm and also a bit of TYLENOL® as pain reliever as I do not want to get addicted to it.

Now, here is why I am scared and have come here to unburden before the brethren: Almost all the people I have told about these afflicting boiled in my head are unanimously in agreement that it is a sign that we will be visited by a set of triplets in our next children bearing exercise. They say, when the father of a newborn is visited with boil(s), the number of children to expect next is according to the number of the boils.

Please someone tell me that this interpretation is only written in the volumes of the books of African superstitions, the first page.

You know, why I am feeling and talking like this? If it is taking us this much in terms of LOVE(appreciation and attention) and other ‘human resources’, including scheduled and unscheduled vigils to be there for our son, TIERIAYOOLUWA, who we received with joy unspeakable on Monday, October 25, 2021, what do you think the case will be with these ‘prophesied’ triplets?

People, please do not watch my new career as primary parent go down before it starts. Please send a reassurance my way via your comments that the interpreters of the reason behind my 3 boils got it all wrong.

Thank you and do have an INSPIRED week ahead.


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