Chrisland Matters Arising

I was on #AriseTV #Nigeria to share some thoughts on matters arising concerning the ongoing Chrisland Schools issue: My Key Thoughts at the interview:

  1. Going to the press as a way of fighting for the rights of children and exposing their identity, particularly in matters of alleged of Child-to-Child Sexual Abuse as it is in this case is against protocol for reporting children matters in the press as provided by #UNICEF.
  2. Exposing our children to the press in an attempt to call out an institution of learning is counter productive and it is a direct and almost irredeemable attack on our precious children and their glorious destiny. This is ultimately inimical to the BEST INTEREST OF OUR PRECIOUS CHILDREN, which must be paramount to all that we do or omit to do in all matters relating to our children.
  3. All the precious children involved in the matter must receive all the support in terms of medical and psychosocial support they need and they must be given limitless chances to turnaround for the better.
  4. We must stop sharing child porn in the name of advocacy. It is nothing but spreading child’s porn and it is a crime under the Cybercrime Act, 2015. For example I have never watched any video that contains child porn. Once it is sent to me, I delete them and warn those sending it that it is a crime and they will reported.
  5. Raising children must be a joint efforts of parents and schools. While 70% of the work is done by parents, 30% is left to the school. In cases where parents home school their children, the parents have 100% responsibility, working with their immediate and extended communities.
  6. This matter must be investigated and justice must not only he done but must be seen to be done to everyone involved. I picked huge bones with the Lagos State for the eratic way they are is going about this matter. #Chrisland Schools Limited is being subjected to a media trial. The Lagos State Government shut down the school, following a trending story on Social Media. The school learnt on Social Media that they have been shut down. Where is their constitutional right to Fair Hearing. The Bible says, the first to plead his cause seems just until another comes to examine him. The members of staff of #Chrisland were invited for a chat with the Lagos State Government, boom, it was in the news realtime. Why the drama and medial trial instead of administrative investigation? The last time, I checked Child Sexual Abuse is a criminal offence, should the investigation not be turned over to the police? What exactly are we investigating, the alleged act of Children’s Sexual Abuse perpertrated against themselves in another country and the role of the school in it or the release of the attendant video and those spreading it, which is a crime under Cyber Crime Act, 2015? I requested for my personal #education which extant law permit the Lagos State Government to shut down a school by fiat like it did with #Chrisland
  7. Government must do better on intentional regulations of school and jettison what right now appears like a knee-jerk reaction, which has not pride of place in the 21st century civilization.

I rest my case…

Do have an INSPIRED day

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