Nigeria Police Force IS AT IT AGAIN?


A man who virulently engaged in domestic violence, beating his ‘wife,’ who he ’married’ at 17(a child orphaned at 7) and had her first child at that same age and subsequently 3 others. This man beat this child, he ‘married’ and left her for the dead. We have all the pictures and medical reports of his ‘wife’ and child beating/abuse.

For 5 years this man denied this child access to her precious 4 children and she was turned back by every police station she went to.

Fast forward, 5 years after, we got this man arrested and detained for 24 hours and insisted the criminal case alleged against him must be charged to court. The police pleaded with our client to settle out of court but she rejected it. She wants the law to take its course against this man, who violated her, ‘married’ without her consent and molested her repeatedly and treated her like a scum.

This man was granted bail and the police has conitinued to watch him violate the conditions of his bail and has refused to charge him to court. We were asked to report to the police station today, Monday, June 27, 2022, the man to be charged, who was granted bail did not show up, claiming to be ill and the police was not disturbed. It is important to note that we saw this coming. We opposed his bail, insisting that he must be charged to court from the police station but they granted him bail and it seems they are about to play a fast one on this abused lady, whose innocence was stolen and her life truncated at 17, when she just gained an admission to the higher institution.

In the day ahead, we will name the name of the actors within the Police Force and their station.

For now, we hope the police authorities will intervene in getting justice for this young lady to whom Nigeria happened at 17 and has continued to happen till today.

Kindly do us the favour of sharing this within your network far and wide.

Thank you and do have an INSPIRED day

NHRC Nigeria Online

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