In our last two editions of TAIN10MINTUES focused on the topic The Systems Approach to Child Safeguarding and Child Protection. We believe that this topic is one which is quite essential. It is not enough to talk about It but we must put it into action.

All children, regardless of their age, gender or ability have a right to be safe and feel safe. To effectively achieve this a systems approach to Child Safeguarding and Protection must be adopted. A system approach is a coordinated approach towards addressing an issue.

In our organization we believe that the SECRET of creating a WORLD FIT FOR CHILDREN is an unflinching COMMITMENT of all STAKEHOLDERS in the CHILD’s LIFE to ENLIGHTENMENT. Why? ENLIGHTENMENT is SUPERIOR to the ENFORCEMENT of the existing laws’ Why? ‘ENFORCEMENT focuses on CURE or at most EARLY INTERVENTION.’ ENLIGHTENMENT, on the other hand focuses on PREVENTION. PREVENTION through what we call, ‘SOCIAL POLICING.’

Social Policing happens when the generality of the Nigerian citizenry are aware of the rights and responsibility of the child and are ready to protect, preserve and defend same, even at the cost of personal discomfort. ‘PREVENTION,’ has been said to be ‘better than CURE.’ Cure is also an effort at damage control. The success of the best of damage control is still unpredictable. It is like snowball. You only know the beginning and not the end.

This week’s edition of TAIN10MINTUES we continue the conversation on Child Safeguarding and Child Protection focusing on the fact that Enlightenment is Superior to Enforcement.

Please join us this Friday the 29th of July 2022 at 8PM WAT, we promise you it would be worth your time.

Please do have an INSPIRED Day.


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