Early childhood education in the United States is followed by primary or elementary school which comprises of Grades 1 – 6 while in the United Kingdom primary school education comprises of Years 1 – 6.

Primary education in Nigeria and other countries across Africa is for a period of 6 years.

A major acceleration option that is rampant across the nations of the world in the elementary schools is the practice of grade skipping, sometimes called double promotion, advancing a child more than one grade or class at the end of a school year.

While there seems to be a system around this practice in the developed clime, it is not so in developing Africa, where parents, particularly in private primary schools remove their children in year 5 without reference to any scientific indeces, apart from the quest to measure up with other children and catapult them to secondary schools, in some cases registering them in boarding schools at very tender ages.

In recent times there has been a great cause for concern among parents and educators that grade skipping or double promotion may cause serious difficulties for our precious children such as loss of friendship with age peers, difficulty fitting in with the new class, and problems with both emotional and physical maturity.

This major concern by stakeholders across the globe has necessitated theme of our 8th Town Hall Meeting holding on Friday 30th September 2022.

The focus is to discuss the Child Safeguarding and Protection issues associated with this practice, which is now known as ‘Hurried Education’ as the same relates to Behavioural and Learning Outcomes of our precious children.

We have assembled the best team of resource persons to help do justice to the all-important discussion.

It is not a conversation you want to miss.

It is holding live and direct on

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