Yet, I write not sure what impact this really has onYet, I write not sure what impact this really has on a polity on the precipice.

I write from the paucity of optimism in my soul for a nation that is held hostage in the hands of her most virulent and cannibalistic enemies in history.

I write of the suffering of our people stripped of their dignity of human persons in all of the ramifications known to the darkest part of human history.

I write of a land brazenly robbed of her human, tangible and mineral resources and the proceeds expended on keeping and bringing the enemies to power to further ride roughshod on the hopes, yearnings and aspirations of the majority of our people.

I write of a nation, where the fundamental human rights of the peoples to freedom of movement is criminally curtailed by denial of access to fuel for home, traffic and economic use.

I write of a nation where the economic rights of the people are trampled upon with brazen impunity with a currency change policy, which now authors untold hardship for our precious people.

I write concerning a nation where hardship is deliberately instigated by the state to pitch the masses of our people against themselves in the war of the flesh and of words.

I write about a nation where those who should be begging for forgiveness and pour the libation of repentance for their almost unforgivable abomination of making life extremely difficult for the majority of our people, today have the temerity to again in disturbing arrogance, ask for our votes.

I write as I give up and wonder if the nation will go to the ROCK.

I write as I sit in sadness, asking if the nation will be OBIDIENT to the restructuring of the contraption.

I write the last ounce of optimism in me that on February 25, 2023, the systematic taking back of our country will begin as we vote out in protest, this retrogressive army of parasites and vote in a change we can see and believe in.

This is my #SOCIOLOGUE today and I write from the #MINISTRYOFCLARITY.

#Peterobi #2023election #takebacknigeria


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