There are few things we have keenly observed Tieriayooluwa, an exceptionally happy child, who turned 17 months on March 25, 2023 does not joke with. 6 of them are worthy of mention and interrogation.

First is EXAMPLE. He does what he sees us do as his primary parents. Our words and non-verbal cues, our telephone manners, the songs we sing, our dance steps, the food we eat and all.

The second is his food and water. He prefers food to most things including sleep. At this age he eats every 2 to 3 hours.

The third is his snacks, his food-in-between. This extends to his milk and favourite yoghurt. His snacks, not necessarily his toys are his closest companions when we travel.

The forth is his play. TIERI plays splendidly. He plays with us primarily. He loves stimulation in the mum and dad’s tender hands and arms, he plays with his many toys and everything that looks like them. He dances, does his own aerobics, talks, sings, makes pleasant sounds. Once food and snacks are taken care of, play is next. These days, his commitment to play is a distraction when we change his diaper.

The fifth is affirmation. He loves to hear, ‘good job, TIERI, good job.’ He responds to affirmations, clapping for himself with a broad smile on his face and sometimes laughter. Observing him, I confirm that LOVE to children truly means appreciation and attention.

The sixth is his personal moments. From 12 months old, we observe that TIERI takes time to be on his own and kind of reflect. I intend to share more on this another day.

Recently, we travelled by air and in the process and pressure of checking in our luggage, we mistakenly checked in TIERI’s travel companion. Guess what it is. You are right, his snacks. We didn’t discover this mother of all mistakes until we were seated in the aircraft.

Thinking ahead, we beckoned at a flight attendant, who was busy conducting the flight safety briefing. Thinking we had an emergency, she came a distant close and I said, ‘please we need some snacks for our baby,’ pointing at TIERI. With a bit of expression of suprise, she quietly said, ‘after this please.’

Then a fellow passenger, an elderly gentleman, who unknown to us listened to our request to the flight attendant reached into his bag and handed us a full pack of child-friendly snack with the seal unbroken. We appreciated his gesture and insisted we would wait for the flight attendant but he pleasantly insisted. Between the supplies from the airline and the cookies from the Samaritan, TIERI’s snacks needs were abundantly met and the 2-hour flight was peaceful.

It seems to me that our imperfections reflect in our parenting efforts and for every imperfection, God has us covered. He shows us a ram in the thicket or stations a Samaritan in the neighboring seat of an aircraft.

Do have an INSPIRED week ahead ladies and gentlemen.

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