Securing A Friendly and Protective Environment for Children Community Enligtenment RN 20042023

It is is widely reported that a ‘Colorado school bus driver faces charges after he slammed brakes to teach kids a lesson.’

Daily Mail reports that the driver faces 30 counts of child abuse after he was caught on camera ‘slamming on the brakes to teach elementary kids a lesson about staying in their seats’

Reports further reveals that this was not only a substitute driver but was recently employed.

Here are our calls to action as lessons from this story:

  1. What kind of training should a bus driver, who would work with children receive as it relates to their terms of reference and Child Safeguarding and Protection?
  2. Should a substitute driver, who was recently employed be left alone with over 30 children, including children at the Kindergarten level?
  3. Is this case not a failure or non-existent of a school run system/policy rather than a failure of an alternative and recently hired driver and should we not be looking beyond the driver but at the system in place?
  4. Looking at the roles the surveillance camera played in bringing this matter to the public domain, would it be right to prescribe surveillance camera as an inevitable component of the school bus system across as a global practice?

We invite you to let us interrogate these issues together as there may even be more that we have not mentioned here.

We continue to share these stories daily because we know they happen for our examples and learning as tools of prevention.


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