Time to let our hair down, it is Sunday…

As a conglomerate of Child-Focused Organizations, we know as a fact that the care and protection of our precious children is largely in the hands of our distinguished women across the globe.

A recent research published by CNN validated the foregoing position.

Yet, our precious women are hardly acknowledged and encouraged.

Thus, it is a culture across our organizations to privately and publicly appreciate, celebrate and support our women. That is the spirit behind our annual conference, Women Working(WOW) with Children, which debuted in 2017 and we have since then hosted thousands of women, highlighting their roles and drumming support for them from private and public institutions.

Today, we celebrate Aevin Dugas, the 47-year-old woman with the largest AFRO on a living person (female), according to Guinness World Records. This was a feat she first achieved 2010.

Nature is the real deal. Black is beautiful, so is her AFRO.

Watch this space as we celebrate more women, particularly, women of color in big and small things, even in some, you may judge as not relevant to our subject matter areas. It is our well considered opinion that everything woman is worth celebrating.

Do have an INSPIRED week ahead .


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