Securing A Friendly and Protective Environment for Children DAILY Community Enlightenment BoardRN 29052023

Son suspended from the school bus because of an alleged bad behavior…

Dad, upset, took the law into his hands, forced himself into the bus and hit an aid…

This he did in the presence of the precious children on board…

In fact it was recorded by one of the precious children on board and the recording handed over to the police…

Dad, charged after posting more than $17,000 bail bond .

There is a lot to glean from this sad story…

  1. If of a truth the precious child suspended from the bus was badly behaved, have we know discovered when he learnt it from? Probably the dad?
  2. Why assault a defenseless aid, who did not take the decision to suspend the child but only was enforcing an instruction? Is this dad’s poor judgment and behavior likely to communicate to the observing children an inappropriate way of handling a dispute/crisis?
  3. Could his alleged action be an form of initiating the precious observing children into the culture of jungle justice if they are not properly debriefed?
  4. Is the action of the dad not a threat to the safety of the precious children on board as parents opined? ‘It is fearful for the kids and the bus driver…’ opines a parent.
  5. THE LYNCHPIN: Do parents or community, who lack the CULTURE of DISCIPLINE, whose EXAMPLES are mired in unruly acts or omission demand DISCIPLINE from their observing precious children, whose absorbent minds soak in everything they see and in the immediate or later pour the same on the society?
  6. Is it not high time for our world as a whole refocused her DISCIPLINE curriculum and underpin it with this ONE truism, which it hitherto lack, ‘Our precious children are either beneficiaries or victims of our EXAMPLE. Therefore, whatever we praise or detest in our precious children today, we are the ones, who put it there by our EXAMPLES as primary and secondary parents.’

‘It is always disappointing when an adult sets the wrong EXAMPLE for students to follow. This is that case. We do not want student to follow the EXAMPLE that was shown in that video,’ says Kevin Christian, Marion County spokesman.

Do have an INSPIRED week


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