Between #50plusdad and #79dad: Random Musing…


I nicknamed myself the #50plusdad when our first child was born to me at 51+

Fathering our son has changed my life forever.

Among other significant things, fathering gets the calculator of my mind considering all kinds of permutations and sometimes working overtime.

For example how old would I be when our boy is 10?

How old would I be when he is 18?

Would I be there at his first day in college and his graduation?

Yet, I keep fathering, taking it one day at a time, positive, full of hope and enthusiasm and giving everyday my very best shot. That I may raise a son, under God, who aided with inculcated positive value system, with or without me in his future may discover his worth and identify and fulfill all that is written of him in the volumes of the books the Almighty God has written of him before the world began.

Because of this consciousness, I live circumspectly more than ever before, thinking that a little one is watching me, who I may not be available when he begins to cross-examine the life I live before him today, the precedents I set before for his absorbent mind to gnaw at. I have no time to waste. My margin of error is not elastic. My eyes are fixed on the goal.

Now, here is Robert De Niro welcomes his 7th child at 79?

As a man raising my first child in the second half of my life, reading this story is surreal. It makes me to ask, is there an age at which a man should stop fathering children because of the arduous demand of fatherhood in the 21st Century?

For those who are already saying in their minds, at what age did Abraham father Isaac?

Am I right to say that was then but this is now?

Let’s bring the conversion on right here.

Do have an INSPIRED rest of the day.


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