Welcome to the Revolution…Welcome to Daily FIREWorks

By Taiwo Akinlami

‘There comes a special moment in everyone’s life, a moment for which that person was born. That special opportunity, when he seizes it, will fulfil his mission – a mission for which he is uniquely qualified. In that moment he finds greatness. It is his finest hour.’ Winston Churchill

ENCOURAGEMENT: Let me encourage you that this will be the longest you will ever read of Daily FIREWorks, except there is divine instruction. It is designed to be short, sharp and strait to the point. Our maximum will be 500 words. It is this long today because of the burden of sharing the vision. It has been said that when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. Please bear with me.

Dear friend:

It gives me profound joy and boundless pleasure to be on this page with you today. I must also be quick to say that beyond profound joy and boundless pleasure, I am here as a matter of supreme duty and mandate. This is what I am born to do. Necessity is laid upon me. Yes, woe unto me if I do not lead this Revolution of total transformation of the school system through the transformation of the teachers. The Economist Magazine of January 4, 2011 submits, ‘BUDGET, CURRICULUM, CLASS SIZE– NONE HAS A GREATER EFFECT ON A STUDENT THAN HIS OR HER TEACHER.’

I embarked on this journey 13 years ago, first by instruction from God Almighty. It was an instruction that was not too difficult for me to take responsibility for, for three clear reasons: first, I was a victim of abuse in the hands of my teachers from elementary to secondary schools. Second, My God has been gracious to me to rescue me from the seemingly irreparable impact of wrong upbringing. Today, though, I am still work in progress, I make bold to say that I am not where I desire to be but I am not where I used. Third, I found that the kind of teachers, who taught me are still very much in the school system today, particularly in Nigeria.

There is only one major question that I try to answer through the TeacherFIRE™ Revolution engagement and this is it: what was it that my teachers did not know or what principles are they oblivious of that would make them turn me, an object of care to an object of uncanny abuse? I do not believe that my teachers were wicked or deliberate. They might just be ignorant. Who know also, they might also be a victim of abuses in the hands of their own teachers. It is an unbreakable universal law that every tree produces after its kind.

To answer this nagging and critical question, I led a team of young men and women to begin to ask this question. We employed a simple strategy. We decided to study biographies and autobiographies of some outstanding and positively influential teachers, old and young, dead and alive, African and non-African. If we were looking for what we believe my teachers and the majority of present day teachers do not know, we must ask from those who have demonstrated through their lifestyle and prodigious history of impact on their children and their world.

Here is the Revolution. Here is one of the medium of its dissemination. It is called Daily FireWorks. I will be here with you daily as long as I live and even beyond to pump the FIRE of informed inspiration and encouragement into the very marrow of the teacher’s bone.

Today, history is being made as I give birth to a medium that will not only become a rallying point portal of disseminating the refined and sometimes raw FIRE of informed inspiration and encouragement to teachers, but will outlive me. I am excited and I am persuaded you are.

Please note that when I use the word, Revolution here. I do not use it lightly or I do not attempt to tickle your emotional gland. I use it deliberately and that is what it is. Yes, TRUST me. It a movement for total transformation of perspective and perception of teachers about the children they raise. Please, however it is not a physical or violent Revolution. It is the Revolution of the mind…The mother of all Revolution. Here is the definition, the CREED of the TeacherFIRE™ Revolution: ‘to raise a BEST-INTEREST-OF-THE-CHILD-conscious generation of teachers/instructors, who DELIBRATELY combine DIVINE WISDOM, passion, compassion, conviction, and sense of mission to CONNECT with the child’s HEART, thereby IGNITING and NURTURING into MATURITY his/her GOD-endowed HUMAN INGENUITY.’ This is the Revolution that Daily FIREWorks live to propagate and deepen.

Welcome on board…Welcome to history…Welcome to Daily FIREWorks… See you tomorrow and Have an INSPIRED Day.


  1. This is so needful, relevant and timely. Do u know that a teacher once told a student that his hair was like goat poo poo? They don’t care about the emotions of these kids; and their total being. They think its all about academics!

  2. I feel you. And I agree it’s time we took action, in fact the action should be extended to private school owners and their policies , a good example is insisting on ” renting” textbooks to us after we have paid for the books outright and selling same books over and over again year in, year out as second hand. We contend with ” tokunbo” cars, we have to contend with “tokunbo” books for our children after we have paid high school fees.

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