Child Sexual Abuse: The Sandusky Saga (2)

It is a sobering day. The world is increasingly becoming complex. The complexity of our world affects every inhabitants of the world. The impact is more felt by children because they have few options; besides their psyche is not built to handle some levels of complexity. It is the responsibility of adults to shield them from the impact of the complexity. The issue again is that once the adults themselves cannot find help, how can they give what they do not have.

The children, who have come out to testify that they were molested by Sandusky were children, who he was supposed to help. They were children already at risk. In fact one of them is his adopted son. Sandusky’s entrance into their lives was supposed to bring succour but alas it added more salt to their injury. Sandusky also stopped genuine help from coming the way of the children as others who may want to help would conclude that the children were already receiving credible help from Sandusky.

I would not say Sandusky is a wicked man. I think wickedness is a word we loosely use. A person, who does a wicked act, may be more of a victim than a wicked person. I think this is a symposium discussion for another day.

The truth of the matter is that it is not enough for anybody to proclaim to be a defender of a cause. The first question, we must ask is that does this person have anything to give. Has he been helped? A person at any form of risk cannot help children at risk. It is now revealed that Sandusky himself was at risk. It is therefore the responsibility of society to scrutinize social service providers. We must not take their words for it. We must receive them with caution, while we give them the cooperation that their revealed and proven capacity, credibility and integrity deserve.  I beg to rest my case here. I will continue the lessons on Monday. Stay INSPIRED.

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