Child Sexual Abuse: The Sandusky Saga (3)

I say best of the day to you friends. Sure you had a great weekend. I will like to take two other lessons from the Sandusky saga. It is the cases of same sex abuse and sexual abuse of the boy child. The truth of the matter is that our world is today upside down and strange happenings are assuming the status of the norm because of their consistency.

The Sandusky saga affirms that the boy child is under sexual abuse also. There are 2 categories of people who abuse the boy child. The first is a paedophile, an adult who sexually attracted to children.  Please note that the word, paedophile envisages both sexes of adults. That is man and woman. It therefore means that the boy child is exposed to being abused by both men and women, who are sexually attracted to children. Such fellow is Sandusky. I was sexually abused from age 6 by a female paedophile. It is therefore not enough for us to say we are leaving our boys with men and reckon that they are safe. We have to be in a position to vouch for the men with whom we leave our boys. I used to say do not leave your girl child with a drive alone to drop in school. I think I will say that of the boy child too. Another category of people, who abuse the boy are homosexuals. They are on the prowl of our children. We must be careful.

Let me quickly shed more light on the issue of same sex abuse as it relates to the girl child. There are female paedophiles, who are attracted to both boys and girls and there are many also, who are attracted to girls only. These are people, who say they are lesbians.  I have listened to the story of a girl, who was sexually abused from her secondary school days by a female mentor. I work with a lot of school and crèche, nursery and primary school operators take consolation in employing only females in their bid to protect children. I think such thinking is outdated now. It is not enough to hire female teachers and nurses as the measure to prevent children from child sexual abuse. Enough machinery must be put in place to screen the individuals (male and female) we put in charge of our children.  That is why we keep telling schools that they need a Child Protection Policy. I rest my case here. See you tomorrow and have an INSPIRED Day.


  1. You are right my brother. The boy child is definitely at risk, but much emphasis is placed on the girl child only. Working mothers have to be cautioned on how they leave their boy child to the mercy of female househelps who “pretend” act as mothers to this vulnerable children. It grieves me to hear stories of how house girls fondle with an innocent boy’s private part, which of course is pleasurable to him – the boy. At a later age, many parents wonder why their teenage boy could venture into relationships with older women. Hmmmm….. food for thought!

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