Child Sexual Abuse: The Sandusky Saga (4)

Today, I draw my last lesson from the Sandusky saga. I will like to say that it is high time we made it a point of duty to educate our children about their sexuality. Please note here that I am not talking about sex education. Sex education simply talks about education about sex, which cannot be adequate in helping the child to fight his/her battle against an avalanche of sexual attacks on him/her. Sexuality education focuses on teaching the child about his/her sexuality. The child’s sexuality is beyond sex. It is a study of the sexual orientation of the child.

I think the child, first of all should know the purpose of his/her sexuality.  He/she cannot address purpose expect we let the child understand the huge lie of those who are doing all to convince our world that there are other sexual orientations than the male and the female genders. The Holy Writ tells us ‘male and female created He them.’ People say homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality asexuality and many other are all different sexual orientations. If we do not take time to address the issue of sexual orientation, we should not be surprised if they come to us one day with funny idea about their sexuality.

A child should be made to understand the peculiarities of his/her sexuality. He/she should understand the boundaries that must exist between him/her and people of the opposite sex. The child must be taught the value of meaningful and healthy relationships with the opposite sex. Above all, the child must be taught how to live a principled life. Custodians have a responsibility to lead the child in this area by example. The truth is that there is no other way to live except by the universal principles, which God has put in place to govern the affairs of this world. Do not think your child is too young to learn principles. The Holy Writ says, ‘even a lad (a child) is distinguished when his conduct is pure and right.’ As I always tell young people: being young is not synonymous with being irresponsible; being young is not synonymous with being foolish and being young is not synonymous with being weak.

Lastly, I want to advise parents that you should be interested in the syllabus that your child’s school uses to teach sexuality education. Some teach different and confusing sexual orientations to children. Some even exposed children to pornography in the name of sexuality education. We should not only be interested in the syllabus, we must be interested in the tutor. We once followed the story of a paedophile, who was given the responsibility of teaching children sexuality education in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. He was caught molesting one of the pupils.

Though, there are many more I can still say, I think I should rest my case on the lessons from the Sandusky saga.  Do have an INSPIRED day.

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