15 Facts to Consider Before You Register Your Child in a School (7)

Hello friends. It is my pleasure to be with you here today, breathing the air of fulfilment in the noble cause, God prepared me for before the foundation of the world. I believe that if  I am fulfilled by this cause, there is every possibility that the ones I am sent to are not only relieved but refreshed.

This day, I continue my journey of the 15 Facts to Consider Before You Register Your Child in a School. Permit we to share with you the 4th fact: Who runs the school, a person or a board? A board is the mind of a company or organisation. The peace of a company or organisation is dependent on the soundness of its board, both in terms of integrity, intelligence, skill and experience. Therefore the area of core business of a company should determine the membership of the board. It is a non-negotiable requirement of the Corporate Affairs Commission that for you to register an organisation either as company or social work, you must have an expert in the area of your endeavour on your board of directors or board of trustees. It has been found that beyond meeting the requirement of the Corporate Affairs Commission, many schools do not take time to select the board members of their schools according to the needs of the child for excellent, enduring education and the best interest of the child.

It is common practice today for schools to be run by one-man board or in some cases by a board of two. Many are schools that are run by a passive board.

Many schools, who make this mistake do not understand that the dividends of a school system are the lives changed and must give to the society finished products and not factory rejects. Since the board represents the mind of the school, a school without a properly constituted and active board cannot boast of proper policies, which protect the interests of all and every area of the life of the child. I make bold to submit that a school without a board is limited in uncountable ways. It also does not have a future. The truth is that an entity which does not have a future must be expected to give our children same. Such institution will give our children something but definitely not a future.

I must quickly add, before I leave this point that it is the responsibility of parents to find out what and how a school is being run before registering their children there. I have visited the websites of many schools, who are very silent about the profile of those who run the schools. In cases where they clearly stated, we must be interested in whether the board functions or not or it is just mere decoration. Please note that as a parents, intending to register your child in a school, you are a client and therefore, you must be bold to ask all the relevant questions. There will be no question too big to ask. Any school, which is too big to answer your question is too big to accommodate and give a future and a hope to your child.

I beg to rest my case here today. Do have an INSPIRED day.

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