15 Facts to Consider Before You Register Your Child in a School (20)

To God be the glory. I have come to the end of this series. I know I could not have done this but for God, who sent me and chose by His mercies to be on my side. I am so blessed. He that sent me says, it is more blessed to give than to receive. After all, what do you have that you have not received? When you give, you conform to the image of your magnanimous Creator, who gives to all men without finding faults. When you conform to His image, you are bountifully blessed.

Today I bring this series to a close as I share the 15th fact you must consider before you register your child in a school: what do they teach in terms of curriculum and what is the size of the class? I have decided to discuss curriculum and class size at the last fact to consider because they are not independent variables. All the other facts we have considered present a solid foundation for curriculum and class size. If we get curriculum and class size right and we do not get the other facts discussed right, our children will still be in trouble. Today, our country is inundated with all kinds of curriculums. From my interactions with parents, it seems parents are more fascinated by the names of the curriculums that they are interested in its advantages and disadvantages and how the curriculum affects the life of their children. Parents seem to be happy, when a school does not run the indigenous curriculum. As long as the curriculum is foreign, they believe it will meet the educational expectations of their children.

I am neither for local or foreign curriculums; I am for a curriculum that will bring out the personal and cultural uniqueness of the child. It is my fervent conclusion that a curriculum of another country has its own people in mind and it is designed to deliver the best of values to the children of the originators of the curriculum. That does not mean we cannot borrow a foreign curriculum and install it here, we must be careful not to trade our national identity in the process. We must understand that principles are universal and application of same is peculiar. There can be no better curriculum than the one, which evolved from the people. I know there is a lot of argument against the Nigerian curriculum because of its obsolete nature. I agree wholeheartedly with this argument, but it does not justify throwing away the entire curriculum or replacing it with a foreign one. It will require picking what can work in it and looking at what is working elsewhere and come up with a cross-breed curriculum. Pleased note that foregoing is without prejudice to foreign parents, who want their children to be exposed to the curriculum of their home country in Nigeria.

I think it is high time parents began to ask critical questions about a curriculum instead of being fascinated by its name.

Curriculum makes no sense if we do not respect class size. Researchers have come to the irresistible conclusion that the best of achievements and impact in teaching a curriculum occurs when the class size is less than 20 pupils. There are many sides to the size of the class. It helps thorough supervision. It helps the teacher to give proper attention to the child. It also helps teachers to monitor progress. Above all, it helps healthy interpersonal between the teachers and the pupils. This is fundamental to learning. Healthy interpersonal relationship will help the teacher to minister to the heart of the child, which convinces the child that the teacher cares. Once the child knows that the teacher cares he/she opens up for learning.

You must be interest in the curriculum that a school is running vis a vis its benefits to your child in terms of personal and cultural development. You must also be interested in how many people it is prescribed the curriculum should accommodate at a time, which brings us to the issue of class size.

I am through. Here before you is the 15 facts you must consider before you register your child in a school. The benefits are priceless. I pray that God will grant us wisdom and understanding to properly interpret this load of knowledge that it may lead to transformation and help us to take decisions that will be in the best interest of our children not only in the area of education but in all areas of development. Do have an INSPIRED Day.


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