Divine Conversation

‘You have been bought with a price,’ says the Voice.

I asked, ‘what then is my worth? For how much was I purchased?’

‘You are worth heaven’s best.’ I mean God gave His best, His Son to purchase you; His blood speaks Redemption and Justification’ responded the Voice.

I asked, ‘what then is the implication?’

‘The implication is immeasurable, it is profoundly gigantic. In normal language it simply means, you are no longer your own, it means you are not on your own and you own all that God owns, though not for you to withhold but to disbursed to execute the projects of heaven on earth,’revealed the Voice.

I asked, ‘what about my personal needs?’

‘Son of man, hear me and hear me well, you have a source, which cannot be spent: in fact you have no needs because you are owned by heaven, your needs have become heaven’s needs and there is no lack in heaven. That is why heaven has a standing order to supply your needs according to the riches of the glory of the Father, which is in Christ Jesus. This is done that the will of the Father may be done on earth as it is in heaven as the Son prayed,’ answered the Voice

I asked, ‘what’s the conclusion of the matter then?’

‘Always think beyond yourself because heaven already have all things concerning you covered. Established for you is a Heavenly Support System. God in this your might, dear son, knowing that ‘the life of a man does not consist in the abundance of what he possesses but in the abundance of what he gives. For it is more blessed to give than to receive,’ the Voice concluded and folded into the heavens.

Have an INSPIRED Day.

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